01 Issue, October 2014


Editor’s Welcome Note: “On the unbeaten paths of contemporary education”

FINE Focus: Children and students with special educational needs as active participants in their own school-life


  1. Integration policy as a global trend in recent decades. Afrim ILJAZI (Macedonia)
  2. The role of special education teachers in educating children with multiple disabilities. Andrea HATHAZI (Romania)
  3. Readiness of regular schools and regular teachers for inclusion of students with multiple disabilities. Vagia SERETI (Greece), Mira STOEVA (Bulgaria)
  4. The opinions of pedagogy students, regarding the readiness of mainstream schools to accept students with special educational needs. Comparative Analysis: Bulgaria vs. Turkey. Serife ARSLAN (Turkey)
  5. The sexuality of people with intellectual disabilities. Georgios NAOUMIS (Greece)
  6. Social integration of hearing impaired children in different educational placements. Zoe KALELI (Greece), Neda BALKANSKA  (Bulgaria)
  7. Evaluation of environmental ergonomics conditions at school for children with special education needs. Krasimira STANEVA (Bulgaria), Emil Marinov (Bulgaria)

Call for papers for the next issue.