02 Issue, September 2015


Editor’s Welcome Note: “The new old questions about the meaning of education”
This article is available in Bulgarian language only.


  1. 21st Century Students in a Globalized Society. Robert OSADAN (Slovakia), Rania HANNA (Slovakia) 
  2. The formation of social skills in children as one of the fundamental didactic problems in Slovakia. Miriam VALASKOVA (Slovakia) 
  3. Preschool aged children on the path towards acquiring socially-accepted meanings of allegorical language structures. Rozalina ENGELS-KRITIDIS (Bulgaria) 
  4. The Ancient Greek Blind Poet Homer – Talent, High Social Competencies and Unforgettable Pieces of Literature. Agoritsa FILIPPOPOULOU (Greece) 
  5. Development of Social Skills and Social Competences in Visually Impaired Students. A literature review. Konstantinos E. SOTIRIOU (Greece) 

Call for papers for the next issue.