05 Issue, December 2017

The year 2017 has been particularly successful and dynamic for FINE. It was a year full of change and novelty for the FINE team and the journal itself. It is the first year that saw two editions of the journal with articles from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, the UK and Canada. Our editorial and reviewer team also grew with two new additions from the UK and USA. The members of our team participated in many conferences, round tables and trainings, and are embarking on new exciting projects. FINE is now working in partnership with Consul Consult, a brand new consulting establishment for all actors on the educational front in Bulgaria.

In this issue, we have a collection of articles focusing on intellectual disability in children and their integration within non-specialized schools and in classes with mixed abilities. There is evidence that such integration is beneficent for all children. Other articles look at educational games that can be practiced in any classroom, along with some ideas for integrating technology in the daily teaching routine. The article on visually impaired users and accessibility will be the first of a series of articles that we will be releasing on the topic of visual impairment, blindness and accessibility. The next article in this series will appear in our first 2018 issue along with more articles on game-based teaching and learning.

We are looking forward to receiving new innovative and creative ideas on these and other topics throughout 2018. With this December 2017 issue, we would like to wish to all our authors a very successful 2018, rich in academic and personal achievements, and filled with prosperous projects and enthusiastic endeavours. We hope that FINE will grow internationally and in quality research all throughout 2018.