New Book on Children in Literature Coming Out Soon

depictions of childrenFINE is happy to announce that one of our editors, Dr Margarita Georgieva, has recently completed her second work on children, childhood and depictions of children in the literature and the arts.

This collection of 5 chapter-long articles will take you through European literature, art, and film in search for the definition of the adult outlook on children. It explores the ways adults see children and advances the idea that writing of and for children is a process that takes the adult on a journey of self-actualization and redefinition of the self. Other points of interest are the links between the eye motif and the depiction of children. This question is repeatedly examined through the chapters with some peculiar examples from gothic literature, film and more contemporary texts like Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

While not strictly related to education, the book will be of interest to students, scholars, educators and professionals majoring in English, Literature and the Arts in general, as well as to the general public. Written in a casual academic style, it is very easily readable, a pleasant and enjoyable text overall.

You can find a preview, sample chapter and the table of contents on the website of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, and preorder the book here.