Call for Contributions 2018


For 2018, FINE is looking for articles, research reports, classroom observation reports, reviews and other scholarly work for our journal, as well as report and journalistic writing and pictographic material for our blog, in English or Bulgarian on any of the following topics:

  1. Innovative teaching practices, strategies and methodologies for learners of all ages and in all disciplines.
  2. Technology for teaching; technology in the classroom, including software and hardware for teaching, gadgets and any other tech-oriented innovation that can be used for teaching.
  3. Inclusive education: principles, practices and case studies.
  4. Teaching for integration, tolerance and building a better world for our children.
  5. Game-based teaching and learning, including high-tech and analogue tech games.
  6. Creative teaching ideas and classroom practice in theory and practice.
  7. Envisioning education in the 21st century and beyond.
  8. Teaching around the world, teaching multicultural, multilingual, diverse audiences.
  9. Migration, diaspora and teaching practices.
  10. Measuring success: the future of testing practices and the tools we use to measure teaching and learning.
  11. Language teaching, teaching communication and language teaching by non-native language teachers – future trends in language teaching, multilingual teachers.

We are looking for scholarly publications as well as for articles to integrate into our blog at We are also looking for posts for our social media and for collaboration and educational project development partnerships.

At FINE we encourage the publication efforts of actors from across the education field. We will consider articles from anyone involved in or interested in education – teachers, instructors, tutors, practitioners, psychologists, individuals interested in education as well as scientists and students in the field. We are interested in your ideas and contributions, rather than your titles. We are eager to accept articles from students on a B.A./B.Ed. or M.A./M.Ed. level as well as from Ph.D. students.

We provide editing and mentoring services to teachers and practitioners with no academic writing or publishing experience. Contact one of our reviewer committee members here for personalized inquiries or e-mail us for general questions.