Publication Ethics

FINE has a strict policy regarding academic malpractice.

Plagiarism and Originality

All articles submitted to FINE are screened for plagiarism. FINE will systematically reject articles that do not use proper citation, contain unquoted/uncited material, or fail to display originality. We may ask you to significantly edit or alter your text if it displays originality but lacks proper referencing.


FINE makes sure that any content published in its electronic and paper-based form, as well as on its blog, is genuine and free of any kind of fraudulent activity or material. Our articles and content are screened by our editors on a regular basis.


At FINE, we love collaboration. We believe that networks, sharing, as well as exchanging information and best practices are integral parts of education. We also believe that proper credit must be given to all those who contribute to our journal and thus, help us advance and achieve our Mission and Vision. We encourage our authors to co-author articles and ask them to disclose all contributors to their projects so as to give proper credit to all.

Conflict of Interest

We ask of our authors to disclose any affiliation, any source of finance (organizations, governmental or otherwise, and companies, whether from the business or industry sectors) or any other involvement that may be considered a conflict of interest. Our authors are invited to share their bios, as well as their academic, business or industry affiliations. We also encourage submissions by independent professionals.