Reviewer Committee

Dr Emilia EvgenievaDr Emilia Evgenieva

Professor and researcher at Sofia University (Bulgaria) in the College of Early and Pre-school Pedagogy. Specializes in special needs pedagogy and in the theory and practice of working with children with various disabilities.

mDr Margarita Georgieva

Graduated in English Language, Literature and Civilization from the Universite de Nice Sophia (France). Over 15 years experience in Europe & the Middle East. Interested in fantasy, fantastic, gothic & Victorian literature, as well as in literature for children, English language and literatures, experiential learning and PBL.

Dr Rachael AlonzoDr Rachael Alonzo

Co-author of Introduction to Computer Education for Middle School (2016). Interested in writing theory and the teaching of both academic and creative writing to students in Business, Engineering and Liberal Arts.

aaDr Abdelrahman Abdelazim

Author of over 25 publications on various Engineering topics with a recent interest in innovation research and co-author of 2 articles on experiential learning and project-based learning for Engineering students. Founder and Chair of Kuwait IET chapter.


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